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James Carter Radio Interview

James Carter spent two days with us during the #BOF2016

Listen to his interview hereĀ 


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  1. 16samuela
    Posted May 26, 2016 at 7:54 pm | #

    Hi, unknow blogger.
    The interview is great, and Ashton has done a good job. Also, as official PA for Mr. Carter, I can assure you that he really enjoyed the interview. I believe that the questions asked were obviously good. The introductions, sound effects and audio are superb. Again the types of questions used helped to tell a little more about Mr. Carter and more about his books, poems and family. I really enjoyed everything about this interview and I cannot wait to hear another one.

    To make this interview better you could have asked more questions about Mr. Carter himself instead of asking more questions about his poems/books(it is just to have an idea of what types of things he like a part from poems).Also, you could have let a few other people ask questions so that it can give others the opportunity to know what they wanted to know about him. Finally, the applause was great but you could have added a real one.


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