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Year 5’s Haikus

Year 5 have been creating some haikus this morning.

Dolphin haiku

In crystal water
Playing in the deep ocean
Shooting like bright stars

By Amany, Harinei, Jessica, Jahnya and Sriram

Grizzly bear haiku

Humongous shadow
A big furry animal
Alone in the wood

By Farhiya, Macaiden, Ranusaan and Yannis

Lion haiku

Through the dry desert
Roaring, suddenly striking
Time to pounce on prey

By Maria, Jahzara, Rhys, Aikaan and Mimi

Eagle haiku

Gliding through the mist

Searching with the hungry eyes

Let it eat in peace

By Mayukha and Harinei




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  1. Daniel
    Posted May 26, 2016 at 12:15 pm | #

    I like poems I will show you one
    1 little bug wants a hug by her mum and her dad
    She walks to her mum her mum say here is a hug for you
    She walked to her dad and gave him a hug


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